Ways to Practice Ho’oponopono in Simple and Easy Steps

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Ho’oponopono is definitely one of the very few ancient practices which have been preserved, and we’ll have to admit how it is nothing but a blessing. Coming from a Hawaiian background, this is a practice which basically surrounds forgiving and purifying yourself, which in turn heals your soul and leaves behind no barriers, so that you can keep growing and there is nothing in your way to stop you.

There are a few very helpful schemes out there, which can help you master the art of Ho’oponopono and guide you, step by step, through the procedures of attaining the greatest purification through this method. One of the most famous one of these schemes is the Ho’oponopono Certification by Joe Vitale, and this one is known to be the most effective when it comes to attaining the highest level of purity and being free from anything holding you back.

Even though a step by step, thorough guide works best for almost anyone out there, especially coming from someone who is a professional Ho’oponopono practitioner can really help you in a better way, following is the complete context of what this Ho’oponopono practice is about and how you practice in explained in a precise way.

How to Practice Ho’oponopono:

Following are the four simple steps involved in practicing Ho’oponopono that you perform to heal yourself.

Step 1 – Repentance

The one thing that you’ll need to realize first of all is the fact that your mind is responsible for everything that has happened to you, or anything that has affected someone else. This is because your mind has generated everything, all the thoughts which might have ended up being toxic to your or to someone else you talked to. Either way, your mind is responsible for all the things that you think it is not. You might find other things to blame it on, but at the end, your subconscious is responsible for almost anything.

The right way to become a perfect Ho’oponopono practitioner is to start saying “I’m Sorry” after realizing all the places where your mind has made mistakes, where your mind has caused damage to you or someone else. You might find that ignoring this is easier, that it is easier to blame this on something else, but the acceptance is what will help you realize where you’re wrong, and will also make you humble. Repent for every single place that you’ve gone wrong on.

Step 2 – Seek Forgiveness

After step one, you might end up with a lot of occasions where you hurt someone, or where someone was affected badly due to your actions or words. In that case, you’ll find that you won’t really feel light unless the concerned person has forgiven you. That is exactly what you’re supposed to find in step 2. It doesn’t matter who you’re going towards, who you’re standing in front of, just ask for forgiveness.

Go up to them and tell them you’re sorry for whatever you did, and then ask them to forgive you. You’ll find that most of the people will end up forgiving you if you ask sincerely enough if you put your heart right in front of them and let them see how perfectly honest you are with your apology, they will accept it at all costs. This will instantly make you feel lighter, and you will start to feel better as person after person forgives you, and you can then move on and continue with the next steps. You will already start to feel free and light, but the next steps will only take you about ten times higher.

Step 3 – Gratitude

The third step is basically the happier part of the practice, which includes Thanking. Every single day, so many things do you so many favors; help make your lives easier and better. Make it a habit to thank each and every one for what they do for you. Start off by thanking your own body, for how it carries out all the functions to help you survive and to keep you healthy. Thank yourself for whatever you have done for yourself, thank God who has stayed with you till now. Minute things like thanking the plants for providing you with the oxygen you breathe, without noticing, count too.

It doesn’t matter who or what you’re saying it to, just keep saying Thank You. Not only will this make you and the others around you feel good, it will also help you count all the blessing that you have, and all the blessing which go past your eyes without you even realizing how much everything around you cares about you. How much you care about you, how much God does. This will just give you that extra boost of motivation to keep going, no matter what.

Step 4 – Love

Last but never the least, comes love. Definitely, the most effective part of the whole practice is looking around at all the things or the people that make you feel good, that make you feel yourself and instantly light up. Step 4 is all about admitting your love for all these things. You can say ‘I Love You’ to almost anything, any inanimate object, for example, your house, your car, your favorite ring. It doesn’t matter. This way, you’ll be able to count all the things you love, all the things you care about, and then you’ll be instantly thankful for having these things too.

Spreading love and getting love in return is the entire point of this particular step, and this is the perfect way to finish off your practice.

Doing these four steps just the way they have been explained is all you’ll need to do to become the perfect Ho’oponopono practitioner. It isn’t a lot if you start doing it, as you’ll just get used to all the goodness around you. Also, when you start seeing the purifying results, how your life becomes instantly better and refreshing, full of opportunities; you’ll know that this is the perfect practice for you!

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Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale


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