What is Ho’oponopono? And How it Helps?

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice still in use today and is well-known for the miracle it does in clearing negativity from one’s mind and thought. It is believed to be designed to wipe out all the negativity in our thoughts and those blocks that are keeping us miserable. Dr. Joe Vitale is a renowned Ho’oponopono creator, practitioner; the author says that there are a large number of us who don’t have the luxury of enjoying peace, harmony or joy forever in our lives. It is believed that external negativity plays a role and we are saddled right from our birth. And this Hawaiian technique Ho’oponopono has been specifically designed to remove all the stress and negativity from your mind and let us enjoy the eternal happiness forever. It is a simple technique where you ask for forgiveness and purifying yourself. What’s Ho’oponopono remedy that works so fine and takes away all your guilt? The answer to this question can be discussed through the four steps of performing Ho’oponopono in the section below.

How Does Ho’oponopono Help?

What’s Ho’oponopono work and how can it help someone? The most discussed topic after someone comes across this Hawaiian practice is how does it work and help people. The effect of Ho’oponopono is sometimes instant and you can somehow see feel the result as well. There are numerous practitioners who have claimed to get the result as their expectation. You will start to notice the changes in your life and those who are involved with you. It is all about cleansing your thoughts and living a purposeful life. There are four phrases or steps that the practitioner can follow and the magical healing starts from within. The four steps involved in this practice make you realize the fact that you are responsible for everything that happens to you and that is in your mind. Once you realize this fact it becomes easy for you to start practicing the steps.

  1. The first step asks you to say sorry for everything that has happened or any wrong thing that you have witnessed. It makes easy for you to move ahead in your life once you know the fact and has the courage to say sorry for anything that was wrong, you will feel better.
  2. Once you are able to say sorry the second step requires you to ask for forgiveness. You will be seeking forgiveness for everything you felt sorry for in the first step. While doing so you are asking to forgive everything from you and your past memories that may have been involved in the wrong doing. These may sound weird for many of us but once you mean what you say the process is magical.
  3. The third step that you must go through is showing your gratitude for everything that has happened to your life. This way you will learn to appreciate everything that is big or small in your life. You might get an unexpected response for this thank you but you need not worry about the result or response. In right time the correct result will appear in front of you. This step will help you to have patience as well.
  4. The last step that you need to follow is to show your love and say I love you to everything that is yours. This way you will learn to love everything related to you.

What’s Ho’oponopono theory of magic that will help you can be elaborated further with the effect that each step has on you. It makes you stronger and gives you the courage to face the truth and tell the truth. You will feel better when you know that your request for the forgiveness has been granted and people are going to trust you again. There are no human being in the planet who do not commit sins either knowingly or unknowingly. The ones who have the courage to see their mistake, come forward to seek forgiveness are the successful ones. Live your life with no grudges and you will be the happiest one. The practice makes you love everything that belongs to you. This is important in a sense that people do not tend to care about the things and people that are making their life beautiful. You must show your appreciation for what you have and this will make the bonding stronger. Life is not about yourself but everyone and everything that are connected to you as well. It is necessary you take life as one beautiful chance given to you by the creator and handle it with care. It helps you forget all the bad memories associated with you as you move forward with the forgiveness achieved from your action and prayers. Once you are a regular practitioner of this process you know that life is more about having faith and courage to accept and face the truth. You will never feel the pressure of hiding the bad side of you, rather you will learn to come forward and express what you want to go away from your life. This way you will be living stress-free life with no regrets. Although there are no scientific piece of evidence relating to this practice there are a number of cases where this has been used with great effect to help people. One such example is the case of healing people in entire criminal ward in Hawaii. People are getting interested in this practice methodology to cleanse the negativity from their mind. The use of music and the four phrases has been an effective combination in the process of healing. We can expect to hear more about the process and discover more with time to come. Once you understand what’s Ho’oponopono, you might be a regular practitioner soon. The soothing music and the encouragement to go forward to express your gratitude, love, and forgiveness is a perfect combo for people who are seeking happiness in their life. The practice makes you kind-hearted yet courageous who looks forward to living a happy life and help people and thing around them to live their life happily as well.

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Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale


It is a confirmed story that Dr. Joe Vitale used to be homeless at the start, totally not satisfied with the way he was. Using the Ho’oponopono treatment himself, he was able to become a successful man, having everything he had ever desired.