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Mostly, when people talk about Ho’oponopono, they only talk about it in comparison to cleansing and purifying. Many of the people aren’t fully aware of all the things Ho’oponopono does for us, and all the benefits it really brings about. This is why the power of Ho’oponopono is always being greatly underestimated, and people keep taking it lightly, just because they are unaware of the kind of big things it really is capable of doing. It means that people don’t yet have a full understand of how powerful and amazing this process of Ho’oponopono is. For this reason, following are some of the many benefits of Ho’oponoponpo to help you understand the kinds of things it does for you

Improvement in health:

If you’ll think about it, many people might associate Ho’oponopono with miracles. However, most of the times, there are logics behind everything that happens due to Ho’oponopono. When you’ll start to practice Ho’oponopono, you will realize that you are mentally starting to improve, and that you are becoming mentally strong as well as happy. You will see that you are seeing the world from a newer, better and a more pleasing view, which is how you feel yourself getting better too.

It’s obvious that when your mental health will improve, you will find that you are taking care of yourself, eating the right things and encouraging yourself to do all the things which help you in staying fit and healthy. In short, you’ll start caring about yourself, and as you’ll surround yourself in the lively and happy environment that you create for yourself with the help of Ho’oponopono, the positive energies will help you in getting to a place where you feel better and are ready to start off with your day everyday in a good mood. This is why, Ho’oponopono heals not only your soul and mind, but also your physical body.

Newer Opportunities Unlocked:

As you’ll progress with your life along with practicing Ho’oponopono, you will realize that there are more and more opportunities appearing right in front of you, and they are much more frequent than they ever used to be. You will find that luck is finding its way towards you, and that you can achieve anything you want in your life, without having to face any kinds of difficulties. This feeling of being lucky and on top of the world can only be brought by the practice of Ho’oponopono.

What ho’oponopono really does is get rid of all the negative energies which had been accumulating inside your brain. These negative energies affect you in many ways, and one of these ways is that these negative energies constantly keep holding you back, without you even realizing it. In this way, you are nothing but unable to unlock some of your own greater aspects. You can’t really know your full potential because it’s trapped inside of you, and because of all the negative energies, you have no type of access to it, which is why it stays buried in there.

Just because of this, you are never able to see how much you can actually achieve if you somehow manage to unlock your full potential. However, Ho’oponopono works to remove all of these negative energies, and leave behind nothing but positivity. The way that these negative energies had been acting as barriers, stopping you from going till your limits and exploring themselves will be over, but the barriers would be gone and you’ll be there, ready to achieve anything that you want with the least amount of effort, and you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Improvement in Relationships:

Perhaps the biggest benefit that Ho’oponopono brings about is the improvement in the relations that we have with other people. It doesn’t matter who these people are, they can be our parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, children or just friends. Any kind of relation will be improved once you start practicing Ho’oponopono.

Due to all the negative energies filling up inside of you, you will be starting to have negative and mixed feelings even towards the people you love and hold the dearest to your heart. This basically puts your relationships in danger, and exposes them to a world of bad, where the relationships might even reach their end.

However, Ho’oponopono is known for being able to revive these relationships in a way that nothing else can. By removing these negative energies inside you, you will feel yourself losing all of your negative thoughts, the only thing you’ll have left behind are the positive things. All of the things they did to make you happy and make sure you were comfortable, and how they had always cared for you and loved you, while also making living easier for you. This will all contribute to a stronger bonding between you and that particular, and you’ll find that the people who had started to fade away from you will start to come close to you once again.

Peace of Mind:

Imagine all the chaos the grudges sitting inside your head with so many people are creating. In fact, imagine all of the chaos that is present in your brain and blame the cause to be all of your negative feelings towards certain people. At some point, some people might have hurt you or caused you inconvenience, because of which you still haven’t forgiven them.

However, these feelings and grudges continue to be accumulated in the back of your mind continuously, without you even realizing what is happening. This will slowly make you even more tense, and you will start to feel bad about everything.

These grudges you hold against people are like junk, and Ho’oponopono will teach you how to get rid of these grudges. The art of forgiveness and thankfulness is taught by Ho’oponopono efficiently, which helps you in being able to forgive all the people who might have done you any wrong. For this reason, when you will finally let go of the grudges and the negative feelings, you will realize that you feel much lighter and at peace.

The cleaning is a long yet effective way to get yourself closer to the divine.

It is clear that the cleaning is a long yet effective way to get yourself closer to the divine. The processes mentioned above are the basics of getting things done in better way. However, you must note that these are not the official steps from the mentors and practitioners. We have just tried our best to make the list of steps that can help you achieve what you are looking for. Clearing your subconscious and opening the path to divine is not difficult when you understand the fact that the steps you are about to follow is to clean yourself and not someone else or something else. This is important and this understanding will prompt you to practice this technique in a correct way. The thought of cleaning yourself must come in you to complete this process with success. This Hawaiian practice has been elaborated to make people follow and understand it easily. This has helped many who are looking for different solutions to their problem in life. Cleaning consciousness and opening to the divine is the ultimate achievement for the Ho’oponopono zero limit process.

Power of Ho'oponopono

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Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale


It is a confirmed story that Dr. Joe Vitale used to be homeless at the start, totally not satisfied with the way he was. Using the Ho’oponopono treatment himself, he was able to become a successful man, having everything he had ever desired.