Can Ho’oponopono Really Attract Money Into Your Life?

Ho’oponopono is the journey towards one ultimate goal; cleaning. Ho’oponopono is what helps you clean your soul, and as a result, get rid of everything that has been bothering you, or everything that has been holding you back. Basically, Ho’oponopono helps you heal your soul and get rid of everything that is bad, and everything that might be a potential barrier in your way towards success. However, as people have started to practice Ho’oponopono more and more, they’ve come to realize that it isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and that often the wonders it does have been greatly underestimated by everyone. One of these wonders is definitely money.

Can Ho’oponopono attract money?

As we perform ho’oponopono along the way, it seems to continue cleaning our souls and our minds, good things start to happen to us. As the bad turns away from us, we know that the better opportunities will come our way, and every good that had been held behind due to our previous conditions would start coming up to us. This is why many people explain things like this as miracles because these were things they had never thought would actually happen to them.

Similarly, money is one of these things. As your soul and mind is cleaned, you can think of it in the way that you are given a clean slate, a way to start over. Money will come running to you when the way will be clean and without any barriers, along with hundreds of other blessings. This is why Ho’oponopono will be expected to make your entire life healthier. It will be improving everything around you, including your financial status as well, along with so many other things you won’t realize you had been waiting for a long time.

Will you need to do anything special?

The same process of Ho’oponopono is followed, and nothing special is involved. The four main steps of Ho’oponopono, including Recognition, Apologizing, Thankfulness and Love will help clean you up and thus, open you way to the miracles and good things which are to flow into you after you’re done with the cleaning part. This will include the money, which will come rushing you way along with all the opportunities and good things, helping you in becoming successful.

All these things will be coming towards you in the form of opportunities, which you instincts will know what to do with. As you’ll walk past every single one of them, you’ll know what you have to do and what you don’t. You’ll know exactly what will be beneficial and what wouldn’t be. This can include availing a certain job that brought you great fortune, or taking part in a lottery that you won. This will basically be due to your conscience, as it will be with you through every step and will guide you on which way to move towards and what to look forward to on your way. It is the perfect way, and many of us won’t be able to understand fully how it works, but it just does.

How the particular steps help with attracting money?

Now, breaking down the steps which are basically associated with Ho’oponopono will really help us in getting to know how the whole process of Ho’oponopono helps in attracting money, and how the logic can help us understand the way in which Ho’oponopono works. The things we do while practicing Ho’oponopono all somehow contribute in us achieving financial success as well, along with all the other things that we do manage to achieve through it. Following is a breakdown of how doing every step as carefully as possible will help you in achieving financial success.

  • Acceptance:  This step includes recognition, and what you’ll be doing here is basically identifying all your errors. You will be working towards getting to know every place where you had been going wrong, which will help you realize why you hadn’t been able to achieve financial stability yet. The biggest realization in this part of the practice would be that the one thing which had really been holding you back had been you yourself, and if you had been blaming it on anything else till now, you would be proven wrong completely because of this step.
  • Apology: Let’s say you were under dept from a close friend and had never been able to pay it back. In that case, apologizing would really help clear it up for you, wouldn’t it? This will basically do nothing but help you have a new start. Saying sorry to everyone whom you had caused any convenience at work or anywhere else will only take your reputation all the way up so that you will be able to face newer opportunities and newer things to avail, as your relations will start to improve too and people would start to immensely like you as well.
  • Thankfulness: The most important thing that this step involves is thankfulness and contentment with your current financial state. This involves you believing in the fact that whatever you have is enough, and that your condition could’ve been worse due to so many other reasons, and it isn’t which is why you are thankful. You will also be thankful to God because of how much you have, and God will then be on your side and give you even more. This will spiritually help you to get closer to God, and God blessing you with everything you want.
  • Love: At last, showing your love through your words and actions will do everything in your favor, and help you improve your reputation even more. When you’ll be using your finances to spread love amongst your loved ones, you’ll really be able to be blessed further more because of your good actions. All of this would really require a strong and steady believe in the fact that only good will come your way if you will give out good, and keep away the bad from all the people you care about.

The cleaning is a long yet effective way to get yourself closer to the divine.

It is clear that the cleaning is a long yet effective way to get yourself closer to the divine. The processes mentioned above are the basics of getting things done in better way. However, you must note that these are not the official steps from the mentors and practitioners. We have just tried our best to make the list of steps that can help you achieve what you are looking for. Clearing your subconscious and opening the path to divine is not difficult when you understand the fact that the steps you are about to follow is to clean yourself and not someone else or something else. This is important and this understanding will prompt you to practice this technique in a correct way. The thought of cleaning yourself must come in you to complete this process with success. This Hawaiian practice has been elaborated to make people follow and understand it easily. This has helped many who are looking for different solutions to their problem in life. Cleaning consciousness and opening to the divine is the ultimate achievement for the Ho’oponopono zero limit process.

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Dr. Joe Vitale


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