How Ho’oponopono Heals Our Inner and Outer World

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono has slowly been becoming more and more famous with every passing day, and that is especially true as we see it being practiced more and more. We can say that Ho’oponopono is getting the popularity and attention that it deserves, for how it helps improve the inner and outer worlds for almost every individual who practices Ho’oponopono on a regular basis, with the perfect amount of dedication in it. It cannot be denied that when you put in the true effort, you can always achieve the end goal of Ho’oponopono; peace. Both inner and outer peace is what you will get, as your mind will be free of all the things which have been holding you back from doing awesome stuff in your life.

What is the Idea?

Mostly, when a person will come across Ho’oponopono healing and learn that the practice helps achieve betterment in both the inner and outer world, there will be one question which they would be extremely curious to find out the answer to; how? How in Ho’oponopono supposed to help you do that?

Well, the logic behind this is that whoever you come across, whoever you spend time with and whoever you are intimate with, whoever you form strong emotional and physical bonds with and all your actions when you deal with all these people have some energies. These energies end up being stored inside of you, inside of your brain, and it is never possible that there isn’t any negative energy in your brain.

These negative energies are basically the things you need to get rid of, as these energies will be holding you back on every step of your life. So you can say that if you do not practice Ho’oponopono healing, you might not be working to the best of your potential.

There might be some other, hidden aspect of you which might not be able to peek out and show itself, and that aspect can be the best aspect about you too. Basically, the amount of negativity you have in your life will always be directly proportional to how much you are being held back. Thus, the environment you’re living in is also something that determines how much you really need Ho’oponopono healing to create peace both in your inner and outer world.

What Ho’oponopono does is free you of these energies which have been holding you back, to help you prosper in your life with nothing holding you back.

The four parts of Ho’oponopono:

Identity Ho’oponopono:

This stage includes contemplation, finding out where you went wrong. Just try and go over everything, try to find out what went wrong, and how it has affected you. You must know how several things can hold you back, certain regrets or grudges you might have which you have stored in your mind, the things you haven’t let go of.

How this helps you is that the realization of what you did wrong, or every wrong which has been done to you, which will help you realize just how brave you’ve been throughout your life. Even though you did wrong a few times, you have all these flaws, but recognizing them will help you accept yourself, achieving inner peace. This will be a hard task and might take a lot of willpower for you to complete, but the results will definitely be worth it. You will suddenly feel lighter after you acknowledge everything, after you’re done with the contemplation part. After this, you will be able to move towards the next stage, which will further help improve the outer world for you and the others around you, apart from the inner one.


In the first stage, there would definitely have been some of the cases where you found where you were hurt, who you held grudges against, and who had done you wrong. Basically, what this part of the practice is all about is forgetting that, and forgiving everyone which was involved. Just go around and start forgiving people, and not only will this provide you with a priceless peace of mind, but it will also help create better relations with other people out there, as they will start to love you because of your gratitude and nice behavior. This will also keep any kinds of negative energies or environment miles away from you, for you to be able to prosper more and more.


This last stage of the process includes being gracious, and thankful for what you have. Be thankful to the people who helped you in any way, thankful to plants for providing you with oxygen. The more thankful you are, the more humble you will become, and you will realize how everything around you has helped make your life so much better, and so much easier as well. This will also let the others around you know that you care about their efforts, as you will show it to them, and they will be keen to help you out whenever you want, thus boosting the positive energy in and around you.

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The cleaning is a long yet effective way to get yourself closer to the divine.

It is clear that the cleaning is a long yet effective way to get yourself closer to the divine. The processes mentioned above are the basics of getting things done in better way. However, you must note that these are not the official steps from the mentors and practitioners. We have just tried our best to make the list of steps that can help you achieve what you are looking for. Clearing your subconscious and opening the path to divine is not difficult when you understand the fact that the steps you are about to follow is to clean yourself and not someone else or something else. This is important and this understanding will prompt you to practice this technique in a correct way. The thought of cleaning yourself must come in you to complete this process with success. This Hawaiian practice has been elaborated to make people follow and understand it easily. This has helped many who are looking for different solutions to their problem in life. Cleaning consciousness and opening to the divine is the ultimate achievement for the Ho’oponopono zero limit process.
Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale


It is a confirmed story that Dr. Joe Vitale used to be homeless at the start, totally not satisfied with the way he was. Using the Ho’oponopono treatment himself, he was able to become a successful man, having everything he had ever desired.